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The wife is a member of your family and a crucial gameplay mechanic.


If a child dies in the house during an intrusion, the wife will walk to the body of the child instead of the welcome mat during that intrusion. After reaching the body she will stay standing next to it. However, during subsequent intrusions, the wife will ignore the body of the child and perform the usual escape movements described above.


Whilst your wife is alive she will take half of the house's money whenever you complete a self test and also half of any money you make from robberies. This means that if your vault is breached, not all of your money will be taken and you will have some left over for repairs. However, if a robber successfully murders a player's wife during a robbery, they can take this money without needing to break into the vault.

The wife will also hold any bounty money from robbers who died to her shotgun, but not bounties from other traps.


From Event To Notes
Wifeico.png Start Wifeico.png
Wifeico.png Clubico.png WifeClubbedico.png
Wifeico.png Gunico.png WifeShotico.png
Wifeico.png Shotgunico.png WifeWithShotgunico.png Deadly, 1 range