The Castle Doctrine Wiki

Tools are items you can buy with money to aid you in stealing from other players houses. Tools can be bought from the interface in the upper right of the backpack and sold back for half price by toggling on "Sell Mode" in the backpack.

All items are one-use only and perform a specific function. On the turn that the player uses an item, mobiles (ie. dogs, cats and family members) do not move, however electricity still cycles as per a normal move.

Saw.png Crowbar.png Cuttingtorch.png Gun.png

         Saw                Crowbar          Cutting Torch           Gun

Brick.png Club.png Doorstop.png Wirecutters.png

        Brick                 Club                 Doorstop         Wire Cutters

Explosives.png Druggedmeat.png Water.png Ladder.png

     Explosives       Drugged Meat          Water                Ladder

Removed Items[]

Voltage Detector