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"It's 1991, and things are bad. You're a guy with a wife, two kids, and a house. You're nearly broke, but you know that they'll be coming soon for what you've got left, hundreds of them."


You are the player.

Using either W, A, S and D or the arrow keys you can move to any adjacent tile so long as there is not a blocking object there. If you step onto a tile with something deadly, you will die and have to start again.

You start off in builder mode. In this you can place and remove tiles at the cost of money. You can not die as you will be prevented from stepping over deadly tiles and switches, pets and your family will not move. When you are robbing a house you turn into robber mode. You can now die if you're not careful and you have access to any tools you put in your inventory.

Player naming[]

What your name is in the game is not known to you. It is only known to other players. Every time you die, your name is changed.

Names are generated based on real-life name frequencies taken from the 1991 US Social Security Database and from 1990 census data. [1]

The player is intended to be the father of the 4 person family, so appears and is named male.


Your inventory has 8 slots for items. Each slot can contain unlimited of the same item, however you will lose them all upon leaving another person's home, even if you reach the vault.


From Event To Notes
Robberico.png Start Robberico.png
Robberico.png Pitbullico.png PlayerMauledico.png Permadeath
Robberico.png WifeWithShotgunico.png PlayerShotico.png Permadeath
Robberico.png FloorHotico.png PlayerFriedico.png Permadeath
Robberico.png Pitico.png Trapdoor openico.png PlayerFallenInico.png Permadeath
Robberico.png Suicide PlayerSuicideico.png Permadeath