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Blocks Vision


Blocks Movement


Conducts Electricity






A cat is one of the mobile objects in the game, specifically a pet. Just like the other mobiles, a cat reacts to the actions of the intruder. Cats will attempt to move away from the player when they are in line of sight.

Just like any other pet, a cat can trigger switches and can also die in a trap, such as a pit or an electric floor. However, a cat is non-fatal and will not harm an intruder (including the player when the house is being "fairness tested"). Thus, the primary use for cats is typically to activate Pressure Plate in response to player movements.

Note that in terms of movement, a cat is the opposite of a chihuahua, which is also harmless but the chihuahua moves towards the intruder.

From Event To Notes
Catico.png Start Catico.png Pet movement blocking
Catico.png Clubico.png Crowbarico.png CatClubbedico.png Pet movement blocking
Catico.png Gunico.png CatShotico.png Pet movement blocking
Catico.png Brickico.png CatClubbedico.png Pet movement blocking
Catico.png FloorHotico.png CatFriedico.png Pet movement blocking
Catico.png Pitico.png Trapdoor openico.png CatFallenInico.png Pet movement blocking


  • If there is a tile that the cat can move onto that is more distant from the player than its current location, the cat will enter that tile.
  • If there is more than one possibility that is further from the player, the cat will prefer to enter the tile to its left, followed by right, down then up.